Masjid is closed until further notice. Masjid Istiqlal will NOT be open for Daily Prayer, Friday Prayer and for other programs, such as Halaqa, IQS, INAMY, Tarteel Institute, and Karate. See the complete announcement.


Masjid Management

IAMC Board of Directors

The Masjid Istiqlal Houston was established in July 2015 in Houston, Texas. We have a mission to provide a safe environment for Muslims, as well as others within the broader American society, to strengthen their Islamic belief. The Masjid Istiqlal promotes brotherhood/sisterhood among community members through religious, educational, social, and cultural opportunities. The Masjid Istiqlal is guided by the Qur’an, Sunnah and the Islamic values of compassion, mutual understanding, respect for life, and tolerance.


Biweekly Halaqa

Every other Saturday from Maghrib to Isha. The masjid is also available for brothers and sisters to congregate and discuss various topics amongst themselves.

Istiqlal Karate

Trained under  Sensei Deddy Mansyur, a world-renowned sensei notable for winning multiple awards from various international competitions. The training opens every Saturday: 09-11 AM and Sunday: 02-04 PM.

Istiqlal Quranic School

IQS or Istiqlal Quranic School is a non-profit Islamic weekend school opens every Saturday 11.00-13.00, From August to April. (no school during winter and summer break)

Tarteel Institute

A full-time and part-time Qur’an school during weekdays, administered by Syaikh Salih Aljanabi and Shaikh Hyder Aljanabi. To register: contact 346-715-7614.

Istiqlal Youth

Istiqlal Youth (known also as INAMY) has activities every Saturday from 2PM to 4PM.

Daily Prayer

The masjid offers five daily prayer everyday. However, due to COVID-19 pandemic, there is the masjid is closed for daily prayer.


Ramadan activities include Iftar (open buffet meals), Ramadan school for kids (until grade 12), Ramadan halaqa for adults, Tarawih, and Itikaf.

Eid Prayers

Masjid Istiqlal offers two Eid prayers: Eid Fitr prayer  and Eid Adha. Both prayers are usually starts 8:00AM.

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